Join our junior group which believes in open communication, improved coordination and true collaboration to improve trust in our business society.

Competitiveness is part of our philosophy since we have to adapt to the values of global markets. Nonetheless, we shall never turn our back to local markets and invest to improve living and working conditions where our collaborators operate. Contact us to learn more about what we do.


Our team is able to provide the excellent organizational management expertise along with the highest caliber technical skills without the cost associated with running a large permanent staff. In the current economic climate the experience in operating under tight financial constants has proven to be of significant benefit to clients and to assist with internal cultural change.

Our Management mining team provides the excellent technical skills and organizational management expertise.

Our group operates with extreme flexibility and the collaborators of our team are called on only when their specific professional skills are required on an Specific Assignment or Project.


The mining industry is a heavily regulated industry.

Prior giving approval to a project, our company does several rigorous assessment processes that identify all environmental, social and economic issues associated with the project. 

Only thereafter the approval is granted if impacts can be managed within acceptable levels, taking into account the need to balance environmental, social and economic outcomes.

Effective planning approval processes are critical to attract mining investment to. We believe that assessment processes for mining projects should level with the following principle - Certainty Assessment - which requirement must be clear and applied consistently to each project, this is our template